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DermaQuest provides  an exceptional range of professional skincare products that cleverly use some of the oldest known skincare ingredients found around the world combined with some of the newest and most advanced ingredients scientifically designed in the 21st century

Some of the most advanced skincare chemists, lead by Sam Dhatt, and the largest raw material suppliers and practitioners, have joined forces, to craft and create a skincare range and facial treatment menu that tackles every skincare concern. Our extensive range enables you to easily identify the products and treatments your skin is craving, with one focus in mind, RESULTS!




What is a resurfacer?

  • A resurfacer is slightly gentler than a chemical peels but it should not be underestimated as it works on the same principle.

  • A resurfacer is a mild exfoliator for the skin that breaks down dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover

Why should I exfoliate?

  • increase cell regeneration
  • increase hydration level
  • maintain a healthy skin
  • even pigment tone 
  • normal skin barrier defence function

More details about pre treatment and post treatment care including active ingredients on the facial treatment page 


  • Hot wax is used for face and bikini, brazilian or holliwood wax for a painless experience;
  • Strip wax is used to achieve that smooth skin result, specially designed for sensitive skin; 
  • Roller wax is used for larger areas like arms and legs to ensure a quick and efficient hair removal;

 Eye Brow wax 



brazilian, underarms and full legs £44

brazilian, half leg and underarms £39

brazilian and full legs £37


Back/Chest wax 

back wax £15

chest wax £15

back and chest wax £22

from £15

Arms and underarms 

underarms £9.99

half arms £11.99

full arms £17.99

from £9.99

Eyelash Tinting and waxing

a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment is necessary!


Lip, Cheeks or Chin

Full face ( eyebrows not included) £17.99


Bikini Area

Bikini line and full legs £31.99

Bikini line and half legs £26.39

Bikini line, underarms and full legs £37



full legs £24.99

half legs £17.99

from £17.99

Holliwood wax

Holliwood,  underarms and full legs £49

Holliwood and half leg £37.50

Holliwood and full legs £42.50



1 Hour full body massage  £37.60

Take time and release those muscle pains and knots. Enjoy some relaxing time for yourself with some ambiental, relaxing  music and cure your body with aromatherapy. Massage techniques treat pains and aches while increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Bamboo massage £57

  • assists with reducing lactic acid
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduce cellulite
  • can improve sleep quality and helps insomnia
  • stimulates cellular activity 
  • improves skin texture 
  • helps reduce migrane