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An ongoing series of informative entries

Our Latest Blog Entry


Beware of bad influencers, some of them have actually been jailed for fraud.

First of all “Influencer” is just a fancy word for

“ Manipulator”

Just because somebody tried a product and it worked for them, doesn’t make them chemists or skin specialists. Look for medically approved and scientifically proven information.

Don’t let famous people “influence” your life.

Being exposed to the public eye, they are well known for presenting their lives in a positive light.

Compare different sources and read reviews when considering a new treatment or product.

Trust articles that expose disadvantaged as well as benefits, so you can take an informed decision.

Take your own decisions! Take control!


As tempting as it might be to save some money, you should rather save your face!

Chemical peels are never a home care treatment.

Better to be safe than sorry!



We are all aware that face covering 😷 has led to multiple skin problems such as acne: mask-induced acne – known as “maskne”.😷

Mask acne 😷occurs because of the friction, sweating and the warm, moist environment caused by breathing under the mask.

In these conditions your skin becomes rough, loses moisture and tries to defend itself by producing more oil, which eventually leads to more breakout, clogged pores and blackheads.

‼️It has never been more important ‼️to protect the skin’s natural barrier defence by hydrating the skin, reduce the bacterial build-up by using a fresh clean mask or wash and dry fabric masks every day.

➡️ Use salicylic wash to eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation.

➡️ Don’t be fooled by artificially fragranced products that contain high level of alcohol that can strip your skins barrier defence and cause more irritation and blemishes 😉…/preventing-and-treating-…